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Anywhere file access

Data stored on your Synology NAS is always at your
fingertips, even while you are on the go.

Manage files without fuss

Synology's file management solutions make it easy to access, sync, and share data.

Cross-platform file access

Access your files from anywhere via browsers, PC clients, or mobile apps with Synology Drive.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and slides with colleagues or partners.

Cross-site file syncing

Storing files in the cloud with Hybrid Share accelerates multi-site file sharing and syncing.

Access files anytime and

Synology Drive provides intuitive cross-platform, cross-device file access.

Access and edit documents

Synology Drive combined with Synology Office provides easy access to documents, spreadsheets, and slides and allows for real-time collaboration with colleagues.

Cross-site data access made faster

Hybrid Share combines the scalability and bandwidth of C2 Storage with on-premises performance to facilitate faster and more seamless multi-site collaboration.

On-demand storage expansion

Seamlessly expand your storage capacity to the cloud to accommodate additional storage demand without expanding local infrastructure.

Fast multi-site syncing

Leverage our powerful cloud servers to keep multiple sites in sync, reducing local bandwidth use and increasing synchronization speeds.

Low-latency data access

Keep frequently-accessed data automatically stored on site for access at LAN speeds, while streaming less popular files from the cloud.

Frequently asked questions

Synology Drive provides access via a web portal, Synology Drive Client via a desktop utility, and the Synology Drive mobile app provides Drive access on mobile devices.

Synology Office is a collaboration suite that allows multiple users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and slides in Synology Drive together in real time.

Hybrid Share connects on-premises Synology NAS with C2 Storage to provide users with the benefits of both on-premises and cloud storage. Data that is less often used is stored in the cloud and downloaded as-needed, while frequently accessed files are cached on local Synology storage for access at LAN speeds, reducing on-premises storage use. When more storage space is needed, the storage capacity of C2 Storage can be increased seamlessly to scale with business demands.

See our guide on how to set up a Hybrid Share folder. You will be asked to sign in with the Synology Account you wish to use to manage C2 Storage for Hybrid Share folders. After login, you may be prompted to start the 30-day free trial (if eligible), or to purchase a C2 Storage plan.