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Data protection for Synology systems

Leverage versatile data protection solutions to easily establish multi-tier backup plans for your Synology devices, ensuring the highest levels of data and service availability.

Simplify your disaster recovery plan

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Protect and recover critical data efficiently through solutions that cater to the specific needs and requirements of businesses.

Continuous protection

Lower RPO targets by generating point-in-time snapshots of shared folders and LUNs at intervals as low as 5 minutes or by configuring data or system mirroring.

Efficient technology

Minimize TCO and avoid bottlenecks with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology, which transfers and stores only modified data across versions and replicas.

Application-consistent protection

Ensure backup reliability for all the services and databases in your infrastructure by integrating with Windows Server and VMware vSphere platforms.

Flexible options

Set retention policies and allocate resources based on the importance of each data repository and system in your deployment.

Solutions for every scenario

Get data and services back online as effectively as possible with features and options tailored to meet the needs of diverse scenarios.

Synchronize and mirror

Keep digital assets synchronized and accessible across devices and sites.

Private cloud

Hybrid cloud

Shared Folder SyncDrive ShareSyncSynology High AvailabilityHybrid ShareCloud Sync
Simple and lightweightCross-site data synchronizationActive system mirroringHybrid cloud data synchronizationIntegration with cloud providers
Ideal forOne-way replication of folders to another system.Folder-level synchronization between Synology systems.Mirroring between two identical Synology systems for the highest data and service availability.File and folder synchronization between Synology devices and the C2 cloud.Flexible file synchronization to and from the cloud.
RPOSecondsSecondsNear zeroSecondsSeconds
RTOSecondsSecondsSecondsNear zeroNear zero


Protect your systems by configuring backups for folders, LUNs, or entire systems.

Private cloud

Hybrid cloud

Active Backup for BusinessSnapshot ReplicationHyper Backup
Comprehensive full-system backupsFast file and LUN backupsData backups to the cloud
Ideal forFull backups of Synology systems, with the option to restore to new systems or flexibly recover specific files and folders.Low overhead, point-in-time file or LUN copies with near-instantaneous restoration.Efficient archival and storage of file and LUN backups on on-prem or cloud infrastructure.
RPO HoursMinutesHours
RTOHours to daysMinutesHours to days
Comprehensive data protection

Combine different solutions to create a backup plan that keeps downtime at bay.

Establish on-site protection for fast recovery

Mirror data to an on-site Synology server using Snapshot Replication for near-instantaneous recovery in the event of data loss or corruption.

Back up critical systems off site

Deploy Active Backup for Business to image your primary Synology server to a remote Synology device, including its settings, packages, and stored data.

Add an extra layer of protection

Back up the secondary server to the cloud using Hyper Backup. Choose from Synology’s own C2 Storage, public clouds, or any S3-compatible cloud storage provider as your destination.