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Synology MailPlus

Improve team efficiency with an on-premises email solution that ensures data ownership, security, and reliability.

Take full control of your data

Move your email from the public cloud to a powerful and secure on-premises solution, achieving data ownership and simplifying compliance with data protection regulations. Plus, free your organization of ever-increasing recurring fees.

An email system that works for your team

Provide a fully configurable email experience for maximum productivity.

Keep your inbox clean with custom labels, advanced filters, and priority mailboxes that help users cut through the noise and focus on important communications.

Share mailboxes with collaborators or teams to consolidate email traffic around a specific project. Assign detailed access permissions to users and groups for maximum security.

Leverage the intuitive mobile app to view and organize emails while on the go through an interface designed with mobility in mind.

Compose like a pro

Powerful and comprehensive tools help you compose emails more efficiently.

Design emails that stand out thanks to user-friendly text editing, image insertion, and table creation tools.

Maximize engagement with the mail merge feature, which lets you personalize emails with names, job titles, and other customer data.

Make routine email tasks easier with templates for specific modules or messages, and select custom email signatures for different occasions.

Easy-to-manage mail server

Centralize your email administration to ease the burden on IT staff.

Multiple domain support

Host multiple email domains on a single server and configure each independently.

Group/user policies

Configure different login methods, daily email traffic quotas, email delivery, and other policies for users and groups.


Assign administrative rights by function to distribute the administrative workload.

Mailbox quotas

Impose individual limits on user mailbox sizes and send out reminders.

Robust security

Protect your digital communications from external threats with first-class security features.

Threat monitoring

Support for S/MIME enables end-to-end encryption at the user level, ensuring that emails always remain private.

Malware and spam prevention

Identify viruses, spam, and other threats with built-in definitions or with optional Bitdefender integration.

Advanced SMTP security

Support for DANE authentication helps prevent Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and downgrade attacks from intercepting critical emails.

Privacy and availability

Comply with data protection regulations and boost service availability to shield your business from costly interruptions.

Search across multiple email accounts and preview email content to identify and remove email marked for deletion more efficiently.

Keep Synology MailPlus Server online with Synology MailPlus High Availability or leverage Synology High Availability (SHA) to ensure system-wide availability of all services running on Synology NAS.

Do more with integrations

Increase productivity by integrating Synology MailPlus with the other tools in Synology’s productivity suite.

Synology Calendar

Click on dates displayed in emails to automatically create events in Synology Calendar. Learn more

Synology Contacts

Choose the right address from your Synology Contacts address books as you type in the recipient’s field.. Learn more

Synology Chat

Start chats with work partners directly from MailPlus with the Synology Chat plug-in. Learn more

Transparent pricing without recurring fees

Total cost of ownership for MailPlus is easy to calculate. Simply estimate your number of users and daily email volume. Check our sizing recommendations to decide which Synology NAS is right for you.

Only pay for active users

MailPlus Server, client, and companion apps are free, with licenses only needed for active users. Perpetual licenses are a one-off purchase and can be added in small increments whenever needed.

Lifetime upgrades and updates

Leverage new features and functionalities in MailPlus and its companion apps, as well as security updates, for as long as your hardware supports it, no matter when you purchased your licenses.

Unlimited license migration

Licenses can be transferred freely between specific end user accounts or mailboxes1 and always remain valid — even if you migrate to new Synology hardware. Learn more

Browse emails wherever you are

Make MailPlus your platform of choice for on-the-go emailing. Available for Android and iOS.