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Web & Mail Hosting

For serious businesses, presence on the Internet is a must. There is when web and mail hosting come into the picture.

Web & Mail

We have been providing web and mail hosting since the first day of our business back in the year 1998. To have better management and control on the service quality, we set up our server farm in the data centre to server our corporate customers.

Some key features of our web and mail hosting services :


A firewall is a must-have security measure to fight against cyber-attacks and authorized access to the servers. We proactively block the unusual surge of email traffic, bandwidth consumption and brute-force password breaking attempts

Antivirus and Anti-spam Protections

Our hosting service comes with built-in scanners for viruses, phishing, worms, trojans or malware, as well as unsolicited junk mails. We leverage multiple layers of email security for the benefits of our clients

Self-managed Control Panel

We provide a self-managed Direct Admin control panel for our customers so that they can have full control over the mailbox management, capacity planning and bandwidth usage. Through the control panel, the system admin can also set mailbox quota, daily sending limit and auto-forwarding. Statistics on bandwidth, web access and email traffic are available in the chart formats

Fast and High Availability

Our servers connect to high-speed backbones providing high availability for our clients

Open Source Support

Running on Linux platform, our servers support PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor, MySQL Database