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Are you tired of dealing with slow and unreliable Wi-Fi connections? Have you been searching for a Wi-Fi solution that will make your life easier? Look no further – the perfect Wi-Fi solution for your needs is here!

Common example of Wi-Fi Problems

Having a slow Wi-Fi

Upgrade your router

Your Wi-Fi signal strength is low?

Upgrade your Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi coverage not enough

Setup Mesh network

Without Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming

With Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming

2.4 GHZ vs 5.0 GHZ


– Better signal propagation
– More compatible
– Longer range
– More crowded band
– Cheaper


– Slower Speed
– More interference
– Limited number of channels
– Security risk
– Can be affected by other devices


– Faster speeds
– Less interference
– More Channels
– More secure
– Better for high-bandwidth activities


– Shorter range
– Poor signal propagation
– Fewer compatible devices
– More expensive
– Higher power consumption

Our Services

Suggest AP Model

We provide network diagram

We provide wireless AP layout on floor plan

We provide Wi-Fi heatmap report


Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming