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Cross-Office File
Syncing & Sharing

In the globalized era, more companies have teams working in different parts of the world that all require access to the same sets of files. Synology’s cross-office file syncing and sharing solution seamlessly synchronizes data across individual sites, so that employees can focus on delivering the best results.

Efficient multi-site file exchange

Make data available on your global
file servers
A Synology NAS can not only serve as their local file server but also keep specific folders synchronized on every NAS in real-time – just by installing the Synology Drive packages.
  • Customizable syncing : One-way or bi-directional syncing can be set up depending on whether you want to push materials to branch offices.
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption & faster local access : Each office only needs to sync the files once to their NAS. All its employees can then access them on a network drive at LAN speeds.
  • Change propagation : When edits are made to a file on a Synology NAS, only the changes are replicated instead of the whole file, so as to minimize bandwidth usage.
  • Flexible storage option : Branch offices of different sizes can choose from a wide range of models, starting from one-bay desktop NAS to 180-bay rack mount servers.
Better control over versions and permissions

With the amount of data exchanged between different sites every day, Synology provides you with tools to set up proper control against inadvertent data breaches.

  • Historical versions : Up to 32 versions can be retained and restored by employees themselves in case they want to go back to a specific point in time, while Intelliversioning helps you keep the most important changes.
  • Account management : IT admins at company headquarters can choose to manage global employee accounts by joining all NAS to the central Windows AD (including Azure AD) or LDAP domain, or offload the management to local admins by letting them set up user accounts for their server.
  • Windows ACL & data quota : Support for Windows ACL enables admins to assign granular permissions to different departments, whereas user and shared folder-based quota minimize the chance of someone accidentally using up too much storage space.
Introduce a cloud experience to on-premises servers

More and more modern-day workers become used to the convenience of public clouds, and that’s something you can offer them using Synology as well — on your own private cloud.

  • Anytime, anywhere access : For your salesforce on the road, Synology Drive allows them to retrieve files through a web portal, a mobile app, or even syncing the required folders to their computers for offline access.
  • Real-time collaboration & external sharing : With Synology Office, multiple users can now simultaneously work on the same documents, spreadsheets or slides. Shared links can be generated for any files or folders when it’s time to deliver to external clients.

A backup plan when accidents happen

As data is synced to several Synology NAS, this solution in effect provides additional redundancy for file servers at smaller branches.