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Ransomware attacks cost businesses globally an average US$4.54 million per incident in 2022. A data protection plan that enables quick restoration at any point of the data value chain is key to mitigating the effects of cyberattacks on daily operations.

Backups: the last line of defense when disaster strikes

When data is lost following malicious deletion or modification, backups allow you to restore mission-critical data and avoid costly downtime. Leverage Synology’s data protection solutions to design a backup strategy for your entire IT infrastructure.

Complete protection Complete protection

Safeguard endpoints as well as primary backups to create multiple safety nets for your data.

Fast recovery

Reduce downtime to a minimum when disaster strikes with instant recovery options.

License-free backups

Back up as much data as your storage allows, without limitations or hidden fees.

Centralized protection against ransomware

Consolidate backups from fleets of workstations, servers, virtual machines, and cloud applications. Optimize storage consumption and avoid bandwidth bottlenecks with data deduplication and incremental backup technologies.

Physical workloads

Protect endpoints in the event of malicious attacks with comprehensive bare-metal backup and flexible file-level recovery.

Virtual infrastructure

Back up VMware® vSphere™, Microsoft® Hyper-V® VMs, and LUNs with powerful data reduction technologies.

SaaS accounts

Enable continuous protection for data stored on the cloud, with automatic detection of newly added accounts.

Efficient recovery

Minimize downtime for critical production systems by rapidly restoring backups from a local or off-site Synology system.

Near-zero RTO

Mount backup images on VMware®, Hyper-V®, or Synology Virtual Machine Manager to resume work as quickly as possible. Restore VMs to an alternative hypervisor to avoid service disruption.

Minimal RPO

Configure backup frequency according to your needs, minimizing the amount of data potentially affected during an attack. Protect systems fast thanks to incremental backups and deduplication technology.

Intuitive operation

Let employees browse and preview emails, contacts, and files from a convenient portal before restoring them, delivering a more user-friendly experience and reducing the burden on IT teams.

Add an extra layer of protection

Adhere to the 3-2-1 backup strategy by storing a third set of data off-site or on the cloud, shielding your data against fire, natural disaster, or theft.

To off-site servers

Archive data to another Synology server at a secondary location, protecting the first tier of backups from physical disaster.

To the cloud

Back up to any major cloud storage provider, keeping your data safe from unauthorized access through client-side AES-256 encryption.

Frequently asked questions

Synology Drive provides access via a web portal, Synology Drive Client via a desktop utility, and the Synology Drive mobile app provides Drive access on mobile devices.

Synology Office is a collaboration suite that allows multiple users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and slides in Synology Drive together in real time.

Hybrid Share connects on-premises Synology NAS with C2 Storage to provide users with the benefits of both on-premises and cloud storage. Data that is less often used is stored in the cloud and downloaded as-needed, while frequently accessed files are cached on local Synology storage for access at LAN speeds, reducing on-premises storage use. When more storage space is needed, the storage capacity of C2 Storage can be increased seamlessly to scale with business demands.

See our guide on how to set up a Hybrid Share folder. You will be asked to sign in with the Synology Account you wish to use to manage C2 Storage for Hybrid Share folders. After login, you may be prompted to start the 30-day free trial (if eligible), or to purchase a C2 Storage plan.