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File transfer

Move files quickly and securely with file transfer solutions designed for teams, studios, and businesses.

Data sharing without boundaries

Cross-site collaboration only works well when all contributors have access to the data they need. Transferring data using email, portable storage devices, or mainstream cloud storage often will not do for dynamic and demanding workplaces.


Avoid being locked in. Access data across Windows/Mac/Linux systems and enable access on the go from mobile devices.

Multi-site & team ready

Easily move, sync, or replicate between offices and locations. Easily bridge large distances, and connect internal and external contributors.

Multi-layered security

Keep your data secure and private, whether stored entirely on site on Synology systems or to secure Synology C2 cloud for maximum flexibility.

Presto File Server:
High-speed file distribution

Leverage the full capacity of your internet bandwidth to accelerate time-sensitive data transfers. Transfer large data volumes and huge files to other servers and PCs.

  • Batch and automation support
  • Server to server/PC
  • On-premises data ownership and end-to-end security
  • Replaces FTP/HTTP transfer or physically shipping USB/hard drives
Synology Drive:
Private data cloud platform

Share data from wherever you are with a comprehensive file management solution. Replicate or sync between all your hardware and software platforms.

  • Cross-platform file sharing
  • Privilege management: assign viewer/commenter/editor/manager roles, manage access permissions per file
  • File protection: disable file copy/download, password and expiration date protection
  • Microsoft, OpenDocument, Synology Office format conversion support
Synology C2 Transfer:
Confidential file transfers

File protection: batch watermark support, download limits, expiration dates

  • Access protection: user verification, end-to-end encryption, one-time password (OTP) protection
  • Transfer task and user monitoring
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
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