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IT Infrastructure Protection

Secure your business by backing up physical and virtual machines, and SaaS accounts using Synology data protection tools.

Complete protection for all your digital assets

Ensure efficient backup and recovery of your entire deployment.

Backup solutions that work for your business

Set up an effective and long-term data protection plan by addressing the needs of modern businesses.

Efficient storage management

Minimize storage consumption and reduce costs with advanced deduplication technologies.

Minimal disruption

Maximize service uptime through restoration methods that leave your systems virtually unaffected.

One-time cost

Keep critical data available without tying your business to recurring fees for every user or device.

Centralized solution

Manage all backup tasks from a single console and stay up to date with notifications and scheduled reports.

Smart protection

Keep backup time and bandwidth usage to a minimum with incremental backup, only copying data that has been changed.

Easy mass deployment

Add your IT assets easily and secure them through an intuitive, centralized interface.